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Tree Trimming Florence

We take a customized approach to your tree trimming and pruning needs.  No matter if you are requesting tree trimming for tree limbs that are in danger of causing damage, or if you are requesting aesthetic changes to your tree we will provide the best tree service for your needs.

Tree trimming can be a dangerous job if performed by an untrained person.  This is especially true for medium to large trees.  We take great pride in performing the needed tree trimming and pruning without causing any damage to your property.  We are sure to clean up any debris left behind once we are finished.  Contact us to find out more about our tree  trimming service.

Types Of Tree Trimming We Provide


This is when a tree has been damaged and we come in to remove any damaged branches.  We then reshape the remaining branches and form the structure of the tree to make the remaing tree look as good as it can after the damage.

Field Of View

We often times are called to a property to remove tree branches to increase the view from a certain location on the property.  This would also include trimming to allow more sunlight into a particular area of the property.

Crown Cleaning

This is when we come in and perform tree trimming on damaged, diseased, or dead tree branches.

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Crown Raising

This type of tree trimming is when lower branches are removed to give your tree more of an upward clearance.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is done to reduce the overall height or width of a tree canopy.  We do this by removing specific branches while maintaining the overall shape of the tree.

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Tree Trimming Cost

When it comes to the cost of tree trimming there are many factors that come into play in determining the overall cost.  The national average according to homeadvisor is $460 dollars for the average tree trimming service.  According to homeadvisor the average range for tree trimming cost is between $200 and $1,000 dollars.  The cost depends on the size of the tree.  Trees 30 feet and under range from $75.00 to $400.00.  Trees between 30 feet and 60 feet range from $150.00 to $800.00.  Trees that are 60 feet and taller cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 dollars.  This pricing is just a national average reference guide.  To find out what we would charge you for this service give us a call today for a free consultation where we can give you a free quote for the true cost to you.  

Read About Our Other Tree Services We Offer

Tree Removal

We have a team of professional arborists that provide an exceptional tree removal service.  Call our team of tree care experts today and we would be glad to answer questions you may have.

Stump Removal

If you plan on having a tree removed we can perform stump grinding on the remaining tree stump for removal.  If you have any old stumps we can perform stump removal on those too.  Call us today for a free quote

Free Quote

We always provide you a free personalized quote for our service.  Our quotes are easy to understand and have no hidden fees.  Call us today to set up a free consultation.

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