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Florence Tree Service Pros offers a full line of tree services.  If you have been searching for a tree service company near me then you have come to the right place.  We are a local company that has years of experience in all aspects of tree care.  

Our team of professional arborists take great pride in providing exceptional service that is customized to your unique situation.  We take the time to listen to your needs and will offer you a free consultation for our services.  We strive to provide a safety first approach with the least impact possible to your property and any surrounding landscaping.  

We Offer A Free Quote

We offer a free consultation for all of our tree services.  We will take the time to truly listen to your needs.  We find out how you feel about your current tree situation and find out what you are trying to accomplish.  We will offer any suggestions based on our years of experience as to what would be the best solution.  We will then give you a straightforward simple to understand quote for our services.  We always strive to provide solutions that will improve your property and keep your property safe.  We strive to make you property look better and help increase the value of your property.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  

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We Are Passionate About What We Do

Our team of professional arborists are passionate about what they do.  We love the work we perform and the unique challenge each situation provides.  We feel that our passion for our work translates into happy customers who can see the quality of work we perform.

Why Us?

We Are The Best Tree Service Company Around

We have a team of passionate tree care experts who provide exceptional work in a timely manner.  Since we are a local business we take great pride in our local communities.  We love to do our part in making our communities a better place.  We love to provide education to people in our communities about any of their tree care questions.  We like to provide education about diagnosing tree diseases, pest management solutions, proper tree care techniques, and what trees are best for which locations on your property.  

Each customer presents with a unique tree care challenge.  Finding solutions to the customers situation is very satisfying to us.  We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service.  When we finish our tree service work we are sure to clean up your property where we were working and leave it in the same condition it was in when we arrived.  

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Read About Our Tree Services We Offer

Tree Removal

We use top of the line equipment and follow industry-standard safety protocols for our tree removal service.  Once we are finished with removing any trees, we are sure to clean up any mess made during our tree removal process.

Tree Trimming

In order to keep your property looking the best it can we will perform any needed tree trimming and tree pruning services.  We listen to the customers desires and assess the overall health of the tree to decide the best tree  trimming options.

Stump Removal

We often recommend using stump grinding after the completion of tree removal.  Stump grinding can remove an existing eye sore, or prevent a new one.  We grind the stump down below the surrounding soil level.  You won`t even be able to tell a stump was ever there.

Emergency Tree Service

If you are in need of emergency tree service we are here to serve your tree care needs.  No matter what your situation is we will be prompt with our response to your emergency tree service needs.

Reasons To Use A Tree Service Company

Saftey First Approach

Our team of experts always places safety first when performing any tree service.  There are many factors that go into making sure a job is done safely.  We plan our work around making sure that everyone is safe and no damage is done to your property.  

Due to our years of experience and training we can determine which way a tree needs to come down.  We know how to make the tree fall with causing the least amount of damage.

Minimize The Loss Of Trees

Sometimes we can help you save a tree from being removed.  The best solution may be to selectively perform tree trimming, or tree pruning instead of having to remove the tree altogether.  If a tree does have to come down we do our best to minimize the damage to any other surrounding trees or other landscaping.

Improve Property Value

Often times people don`t think about how tree care can increase the value of your home or business.  By investing in tree care you are increasing the value of your property.  By removing an unsightly old tree stump, removing a dead tree, or trimming overgrown tree branches you are investing in the value of your property.

By using our professional arborists they know what would increase the beauty of your trees better, which in turn will improve your property value.  We feel like by serving the individual customer, we are serving to make the whole community a better place.

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